Grass Pasture Plain

Amish Pure, Super, Natural Science
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For our Pasture Grass Plain, we use just that – our one-of-a-kind flagship unflavored whey protein. Nothing added – and nothing but the pure deep nourishing strength, power and goodness of our Grass Pasture Amish milk whey protein.

1 Simple Ingredient: Amish Grass Fed Whey.

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Our Whey Protein is completely pure Cold – Processed, Raw, and from happy, grass fed cows.

- Whey Protein concentrate sourced from Ultra Pure Amish Grass Pasture Milk (hormone, toxin, drug free)
- SUGAR-free
- Non GMO
- Gluten Free
- Lactose-Free
- No fat
- No cholesterol
- All-Natural
- ZERO added Sugar aspartame, or any artificial flavors or colors, casein, MSG or other additives
- Approximately 24 grams of protein per 30 gram scoop
- Naturally Occurring Glutathione precursors and bio-active Immunoglobulins

- Superfood raw nutrition. Provides essential & free-form chain amino acids

Made in Amish Country, USA with the Purest Amish Milk, Super, Natural Science and Painstaking Tradition, Love and Care.



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— OUR SIMPLE PROMISE: “Nurture your body with Earth’s Whey for 100 days, if you don’t feel the potent superfood nutrition of Earth’s Whey deeply affecting and optimizing every cell in your body, return it for a full refund. Period.”